Webinar: AI Demystified

As technological advancements accelerate, the need to keep pace is imperative to the development of the Travel & Tourism sector. Thus, it is vital to explore the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Travel & Tourism. In this informative webinar, WTTC shared some key findings from its four AI reports produced with the support of Microsoft. It also included a lively panel discussion and Q&A session where field experts discussed AI’s significance, how it can be used, as well as the regulations around it. We shared Industry examples to demonstrate how it has already been used. The webinar offered attendees the opportunity to gain valuable insights and consider how to shape the future of travel with AI.

Featured Reports

Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Overview of AI Risks, Safety & Governance

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Global Strategies, Policies & Regulations

Introduction to AI Technology: Guide for Travel & Tourism Leaders

AI in Action: Use Cases & Impacts of AI in Society, Business and Travel & Tourism

Webinar top 5 learnings

  1. AI has strategic importance. AI has become a focal topic of boardrooms globally, with many businesses seeking different ways to apply it to their operations to enhance business outcomes.

  2. There are diverse applications of AI. AI applications span various domains such as product development, workforce empowerment, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

  3. There is a need to balance opportunities with risks. While AI offers significant opportunities, it also introduces risks that must be managed effectively. Understanding and addressing these risks, including responsible AI frameworks, regulatory compliance, and voluntary governance measures, is crucial for responsible adoption.

  4. AI has transformative potential in Travel & Tourism. The Travel & Tourism sector stands to benefit significantly from AI’s capabilities. AI is already being used for predictive insights, personalised services, and operational efficiencies, among other use cases. However, realising these benefits requires a mature data infrastructure and attention to data quality and governance.

  5. Businesses need to understand the regulatory landscape and ethical considerations. Increasingly, regulatory frameworks aimed at addressing risks and ensuring ethical AI practices are being created. Many will come into force in the near future. Companies must familiarise themselves with regulatory requirements, particularly concerning high-risk AI applications, and align their strategies and systems accordingly.

* Please note that this webinar has now finished but you can watch the recording below.


Lethabo-Thabo Royds, Head of Content & Programme, World Travel & Tourism Council

Opening Remarks
Virginia Messina, Senior Vice-President, World Travel & Tourism Council

Report Insights
James McDonald, Director, Travel Transformation, World Travel & Tourism Council
AI-mee & AI-dan, AI Generated Speakers

Presentation 1
Julie Shainock, Managing Director, Travel, Transport & Logistics, Microsoft

Presentation 2
Gabriele Mazzini, Team Leader, Artificial Intelligence Act, European Commission

Panel Discussion / Q&A
Julie Shainock, Managing Director, Travel, Transport & Logistics, Microsoft
Gabriele Mazzini, Team Leader, Artificial Intelligence Act, European Commission
Michael Robinson, Managing Director, Travel Innovation & Ecosystems Lead, Accenture
Rodrigo Acuna Agost, Director of Research and GenAI Centre of Excellence, Amadeus

Moderated by: James McDonald, Director, Travel Transformation, World Travel & Tourism Council

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Speakers and panellists

Rodrigo Acuna Agost

Director of Research and GenAI Centre of Excellence


Julie Shainock

Managing Director, Travel, Transport & Logistics


Gabriele Mazzini

Team Leader, Artificial Intelligence Act

European Commission

Michael Robinson

Managing Director, Travel Innovation & Ecosystems Lead


Virginia Messina

Senior Vice-President

World Travel & Tourism Council

Lethabo-Thabo Royds

Head of Content & Programme

World Travel & Tourism Council

James McDonald

Director, Travel Transformation

World Travel & Tourism Council

Time and location

Location: Online via Zoom. You can watch the Webinar on-demand video below.

Date: Wednesday 17th April at 15:00 GMT/ 10:00 EST (check your local time). - Note that this is now finished.

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