WTTC Working with Government

A Platform for Government Engagement

As the trusted voice in Travel & Tourism, WTTC is a unique platform for governments to engage with businesses to jointly shape the future of Travel & Tourism and ensure its long-term competitiveness, inclusivity, and sustainability.

We participate in high-level governmental events and actively engage in multi-stakeholder dialogue with federal, regional and city governments to achieve sector-wide alignment; ultimately ensuring that Travel & Tourism remains a strong sector, for government, businesses and the local communities alike.

To inform public sector decision-making, WTTC continues to produce robust research, insightful thought-leadership reports, from crisis readiness to Destination 2030, as well as quantifiable best practices ranging from security, workforce development, and the promotion of destinations to sustainability, destination stewardship, and infrastructure. In addition to the reports featuring highlights of best practices, the full repository is readily available.

Contact us and join the 100+ federal, regional, and city governments already engaging with us, from Saudi Arabia to Kenya and Portugal to the USA.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working closely with Governments including the G7+3 and G20 to reopen the sector and save the 121 million jobs at risk. For more information on our work, please visit our Government COVID-19 Hub.

Best Practices Enabling the Growth of Travel & Tourism

Despite the sector’s ability to be a force for good, best practices across Travel & Tourism are not readily available for both the public and private sector, often compelling governments to unnecessarily re-invent the wheel.

In this context, the World Travel & Tourism Council has embarked on a journey to compile quantifiable best practices across Travel & Tourism to equip the sector with a wealth of insights that will in turn enable, both the public and private sector, to learn from the successful experiences of other countries as they develop, review and implement Travel & Tourism related policies.

Key Best Practices from Government

WTTC Government Best Practises pre-COVID

Best Practice Reports

This initiative is an ongoing effort on the basis of desk research and interviews with the government, integrating quantifiable success stories as they become available in our online repository. Most recently we have added a dedicated page with strong policies relating to the mitigation of COVID-19.

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